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Guinea Pig Food

Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pigs require a balanced and healthy diet but each guinea pig is different, and most will have a specific favourite food or foods. Some foods will already be on hand in the kitchen, like carrots, cucumber, spinach and kale but dandelion leaves and a big juicy handful of grass will keep them happy.

Guinea pigs can eat all types of apples too, just ensure the apple is fully ripe and isn’t sour. Make sure not to leave in apple seeds — a guinea pig can choke on them; and they contain cyanide, which is a chemical harmful to your pet’s digestive system.

At Pet-Bliss we can supply Animal Dreams Timothy Hay and Pillow Wad Meadow Hay for additional fibre, along with Excel Guinea Pig and Herbage Dandelion/Marigold mixed foods from Burgess.

Guinea Pig Crunch from Wagg is also a tasty and nutritious food containing extra vitamin C which is essential to keep your guinea pig healthy; and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and lustrous coat.

Don’t forget the constant supply of fresh clean water.

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