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!!<nYour Animal in Transit.Information for all animals in transit. n Carriers that we supply are transit approved.* Some of the carriers are IATA napproved (International Air Traffic Association)* Some of the carriers are USDA napproved. (United States Department of Agriculture).First to do before nyou buy a carrier is to find out from your airline, which one they will allow. (Almost all allow both). Quote nthe two approvals as above. (Most airlines do not know what they are talking about). So say “My box is IATA or USDA napproved”  Hopefully they will be baffled by your knowledge and you will nhave nothing further to do other than transport your animal. If they are not baffled, quote these two references for the www.usda.govIf nthey still insist that you have something to prove about your carrier, quote this [email protected] We will put them straight for you.Please. Please.# Do not get annoyed at the idiot that knows no better.# Don’t shout & scream.n# Don’t let them tell you that they have their own “Approved transit boxes” as they want to take even more money from your pocket. Just nfollow the instructions as above and your journey for your animal will be as peaceful as yours.Choosing a carrier: All Gulliver and Ihdra carriers are IATA approved – made by Marchioro and TrixieGulliver for Small sizesIdhra for Larger sizes  :  Ihdra carriers meet USDA guidelines.All Vari Kennels are USDA approved. – made by Petmate (Doscosil)All Vari Kennels meet IATA guidelines.There are NO other Airline/IATA/USDA ncarriers approved  on this site..Making Sure your animal has room :Measure nyour animal from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail.  Add 100mm,10cm or 4 inches to thisThis is the minimum length of the carrier you require.Measure nthe animal from the floor to the top of his head. Whilst in the UPRIGHT position.Add 50mm 5 cm or 2″ to this.This is the minimum height the carrier should be.AIRLINES WILL NOT ACCEPT ——-ANY carrier with ANY animal in nit,  if these conditions are not met.If in doubt contact : [email protected] Further Airline requirements.- Your animal must have a supply of clean drinking water.- If travel is over 1 hour you must have provision for feeding the dog, nwith clear feeding instructions attached to the carrier. I.E. “please feed this animal nwith this amount of food at this TIME. Always state GMT (Greenwich meantime), and include the letters GMT at the side of the time.n- Whilst an animal  will never like to mess its home, always include a piece nof brown paper and a large cloth under it to take up any mishaps.  Try to walk the animal before going into the crate. n- Always give your dog calming tablets/ sickness tablets if required at least an nhour before travel and don’t feed your animal substantial amounts of food before the off.n- Before the off, get your animal used to the carrier if you can. Put in his favourite toy & bed for his temporary home. n- Don’t put the animal in the crate until the last minute, cramp can strike on long journeys.n- Check with your airline if on a very long journey what facilities they have for nletting your animal out for exercise. (always attach a lead to the kennel) Pet-Bliss nwishes you and your animal happy transit.n

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