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Dog Hygiene

If you dog is in season and you don’t want your furniture ruined from blood spotting, we recommend these pants.

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    Clear Quest Disposable Doggy Diapers


    – Ideal for puppies, incontinent dogs, and female dogs in season – Super absorbent, sanitary, […]


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    Puppy Toilet Training Pads

    Features – Scented to attract your pet to use the pad – Ultra Absorbent material […]


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    Puppy Training Pad Holder 60 x 60cm


    60 x 60cm holder for puppy training pads. Easily clipped in so they don’t fly […]

    29.99 23.99

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    Trixie Dog Hygiene Pants

    Perfect fit due to elasticated, fully adjustable belt. With handy snap clip. 3 spare pads included. Size: XS (20-25cm), S (24-31cm), S-M (32-39cm), M (40-49cm), L (50-59cm), XL (60-70cm).


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    Trixie Female Disposable Diapers for Dogs

    Waist circum.: 20-28 cm/8-11″ 12 Pieces per Pack – Hygiene for incontinence, females in season, […]


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    Trixie Male Disposable Diaper for Males

    Abdominal belt. Hygiene for incontinence, after operations and when travelling. Highly absorbent. Good fit due […]


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    Trixie Replacement Pads for Dog Hygiene Pants

    Suitable for Black Dog Hygiene Pants. Contains 10 Pieces


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