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PetSafe equipment includes radio fences to stop your dog from escaping from your housing area if you have no walls or fencing.

Responsible pet ownership starts with keeping your pet safely at home. PetsSafe’s Radio Fence pet containment systems provides your pet with freedom and safety while costing significantly less than conventional fencing. It’s quick and easy to install, reliable and safe.

Radio Fence is not an electric fence. A radio signal is transmitted through a discreet antenna cable, which is placed along the boundaries you want to establish. The wire can be clipped to an existing fence, buried or left on the ground. Your dog wears a small receiver, which gives a warning tone as he approaches the boundary. If the dog ignores the tone and starts to cross the boundary he will receive a mild correction. Although harmless this will dissuade him from continuing further.

A 20-minute video (or DVD by request) describes the operation of the system from the comfort of your armchair. A short, easy to follow instruction booklet is also included.
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If you are at your wits end due to your dog’s excessive barking, if the neighbours (and authorities) are complaining and if you are contemplating a parting of ways with your pet there are now alternative solutions. We have different products which can easily solve your problem.
Remember it is normal for a dog to bark but unfortunately, it isn’t always acceptable in some circumstances. We know that these issues can be resolved without taking drastic steps and parting company with your pet.

We advise consulting a dog behaviour specialist beforehand to see if your dogs barking can be stopped without using these barking aids.

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