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Our ranges of cat food are especially manufactured for consumption by cats. Most of our foods contain both animal and plant material and is supplemented with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. All these factors are essential in having a healthy cat. nnWe have a range of cat foods for all palettes, including sensitive food for those dodgy tummies and breed specific for cats such as Persians – who need different vitamins than other types of cats. nnOur most popular selling brand is Royal Canin and we have most of their range for sale, excluding special veterinary diets that are only supplied by your local vet. nnWe also have a range of food called Cats Kitchen, which is very popular with those fussy eaters! From time to time we have special % off discounts site wide. These discounts do not include pet food.nn*** BECAUSE OF LOW MARGINS ON ITEMS SUCH AS PET FOOD *NO* SITE DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED TO THESE ITEMS ***

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