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Tetra Tortoise Food 90G

This Amphibian Tortoise Food is the latest formulation from Tetra Fauna who have been researching and developing products for the fascinating underwater world for over 50 years.

Tetra’s latest Tortoise Pellet formula is a strong Staple food for the species-appropriate feeding of all tortoises.
Each pellet contains all the essential roughage that is required and its tasty flavours are sure to be loved by your pet Tortoise.

Containing natural long-stem fiber diet, and naturally occuring vitamins, this active formula helps to fortify the immune system and improve health and vitality, strengthening resistance to disease.

These extra ingredients help give your tortoise the optimum levels of fiber, protein, and calcium levels for normal development and proper outer shell growth.

Active formula to strengthen the immune system and improve health and vitality.

High proportion of easily digestible proteins to match natural feeding requirements. and minerals for your pet Tortoise.

This diet supplies all needed nutrients as identified by zoo nutritionists. The ingredients have been carefully selected for their palatability, quality and digestibility.

This new food contains no artificial colours, flavorings, or preservatives.


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