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Sounds CD for Behaviour Therapy

The use of Sound CDs is a successful, proven technique for the treatment and prevention of sound phobias in dogs.

Formulated by our experts at the Animal Behaviour Centre, this CD is divided into four categories of sounds:

There are 4 different noises and sounds categorise. These are as follows:

1. Firework Variations 1
2. Firework Variations 2
3. Firework Variations 3
4. Professional firework display
5. Thunder and lighting
6. Gunfire
7. Shotgun
8. Crow-scarer

9. High speed train
10. Steam train
11. Freight train
12. Tram
13. Tube train
14. Planes
15. Light aircraft
16. Helicopter
17. Hot air balloon
18. Motorbikes
19. Car passing
20. Lorries
21. Buses
22. Refuse lorry
23. Emergency sirens
24. Roadworks

25. Lawnmower
26. Washing machine
27. Vacuum cleaner

28. Children playing
29. Babies crying
30. Crowd/party

Each track is approximately 3 minutes long.

The CD contains 30 tracks in total.

This package includes a free training manual which explains how to use the CD effectively to desensitise your pet.


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