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Translucent Dog Smart Collar (Elizabethan with Padded Neckline)

– Light
– Comfortable
– Translucent
– Simple to fit
– Easy to adjust

The Smart Collar is a safe and humane method of preventing pets from aggravating a healing wound or injury.

Safe, lightweight and translucent, the Smart Collar has a padded neckline so there is no need to attach it to your pet’s normal collar.

The padded outer edge also prevents discomfort or damage from colliding into objects. Its unique snap studs ensures that it is simple to fit and easily adjustable.


  • Size: 1 – fits neck sizes 6-10 inch
  • Size: 2 – fits neck sizes 10-12 inch
  • Size: 3 – fits neck sizes 12-16 inch
  • Size: 4 – fits neck sizes 16-22 inch
  • Size: 5 – fits neck sizes 22-26 inch



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