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Dog Beer 330ml

(Brand may Vary from Time to Time)

Dog Beer is the ultimate liquid refreshment, designed especially for dogs. Delicious, tasty, beef-flavoured drink that dogs love.

Made with beef and malt barley extracts for a taste that will have dogs? taste buds twitching. No longer will you have to be watching your own pint, now your dog can have its very own beer thanks to this thirst-quenching, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage.

Dog beer will help to ensure your dog stays hydrated in a deliciously fun way. Encouraging drinking is good for the kidneys, especially on hot summer days and is a great source of vitamin B, so not only is your dog enjoying the taste but it is helping to keep him healthy.

Ideal for summer BBQ’s or as a great treat or perfect for the christmas period.


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