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Cat Bib – Stops Cats Killing Birds SMALL


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Domestic cats kill millions of birds and small marsupials every year. CatBib can help reduce the carnage and restore the natural balance in yours and your neighbour’s back yard..

The CatBib is a unique, patented product that prevents your cat from catching and killing wildlife … simply, safely, effectively, and inexpensively!

The Murdoch University trial scientifically proved that CatBib stopped over 80% of cats killing wild birds and reduced small animal predation by almost half.

Invented in the United States by a backyard bird-feeding, cat lover, the CatBib gently interferes with your cat’s hunting skills, without interfering with any other kitty activities.

It acts as a barrier between your cat and it’s prey, protecting native birds and small marsupials.

Simply put…it gets in the way just as the cat strikes out. Additionally, it also functions as a colourful visual warning.

CatBib is a simple solution to a big problem.

The CatBib folds over your cat’s collar and is secured by hook and loop closures for easy on/off action.

Comfortable and safe for your cat to wear.

The CatBib is made of thin neoprene which is light-weight, stretchy, durable, and easy to care for. To clean, simply wipe off with a damp cloth or machine wash.

The CatBib is attached to the cat’s collar and hangs loosely over the cat’s chest. It works by gently interfering with the precise timing, and coordination a cat needs for successful bird catching. It effectively comes between the cat and the bird your cat is stalking.

It works by using the simple principle of coming between the cat and the bird just at the last moment. It defeats all the cat’s stealth and cunning at exactly the moment it’s needed.

It doesn’t interfere with any of your cat’s other activities. The CatBib ONLY affects your cat’s ability to catch birds. A cat wearing a CatBib can run, jump, climb trees, eat, sleep, scratch and groom.

If you want to prevent your cat from catching birds, use the CatBib. It’s part of being a responsible pet owner to control your pet and to love it dearly.


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