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biOrb Aquarium Timer (46030)

As you probably know, the key to a successful aquarium is to keep feeding to a minimum and carry out regular maintenance. Get this right and your fish can enjoy clear, healthy water. biOrb Aquarium Timer will remind you when these essential routines should be carried out.

It has LED’s which flash to attract attention and remind you when action is required. The biOrb Timer is extremely flexible and reminders can be set whenever you want, simply hold the button in to reset the timer… it’s that easy!

For example if you want to have the Timer flash at 5pm each day to remind you to feed your fish simply press and hold the feed button at 5pm on Day 1, now your biOrb Timer is set to flash again at 5pm each day.

By far the biggest cause of water quality problems is overfeeding. In homes or offices where there is more than one person with access to the fish food the thought “I wonder if the fish have been fed today? I’ll give them a little food just in case” often results in the fish being overfed and the aquarium water quickly turning green. By pressing the feed fish button on the timer anyone else passing the aquarium can quickly see whether or not the fish have been fed.

The Timer can be calibrated for every size of biOrb aquarium, you don’t have to think about when the filter will need changing. Simply set the Timer to your biOrb size and it will work out the rest. A flashing light on the relevant task button will remind you, press the button and the Timer will automatically work out when you will next need to complete the task and flash again then.

Simple and easy to use
Ideal for children
Works with all sizes of biOrb and biUbe
Portable, so can be placed where you will see it

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