Dog Farts 4th August 2019

My Dog is Farting!!


This is a common problem in our domestic companions nowadays. There is a myriad of dry and wet

food diets on the market, it can be mind melting trying to choose and often we just choose

according to price, packaging or what has been recommended by a friend with no real idea of why it

differs to another brand or what benefits it may or may not have.

Farting is often directly related to the diet you are feeding your furry friend. This includes their main

diet but is not limited to it, it would be best to look at everything they are getting, any tid-bits, treats

or extras that may be causing the problem. First things first though, what is their primary diet

consisting of, aim to feed dry food this will be more helpful and if feeding wet ensure it is high

quality, by ensuring the meat content is high and the water content is low.

The best way to understand dry food is to imagine 3 categories of food:

1. Industrial

2. Premium

3. Super Premium

Industrial foods are foods that can be found in supermarkets or similar, they are well packaged to be

appealing to the eye and often contain kibbles that have various colours to appear more attractive

to the consumer and are more expensive than they need to be. There main ingredient is wheat or

maize and the meat content is low and variable, these diets can often cause problems for doggies

with sensitive tummies.

Premium foods take a jump up from industrial foods and are of a higher quality due to their

ingredients, the meat content is higher and more descriptive and will be more specific so instead of

seeing ‘meat and animal derivatives’ or ‘chicken min 4%’ (which means they can only guarantee that

4% of the meat is chicken) you will see ‘chicken 20%’ or ‘lamb 20%’ or ‘chicken 20% fish 5%’ and so

forth. The first ingredient in the list on all food is the highest ingredient and in both industrial and

premium foods this will be a grain more often than not. Either wheat or rice. Most dogs do well on

these but if it is a wheat or grain intolerance you may have to shop around for premium

hypoallergenic diets to eliminate likely culprits.

Super Premium foods take the final leap to quality ingredients, with these foods the first ingredient

will be the protein and it will list exactly the protein and percentage that the food contains, and this

will be no lower than 30% and, in most cases, will be higher than 60%. These foods are more

expensive as you are paying for the quality and high meat content that they put into it from the

start, it’s not all bad though these foods are much denser and as such you do not feed your dog

nearly as much therefore reducing the overall cost, reducing defecation and reducing foul smells


from doggy farts. Most of these foods are hypoallergenic to some degree and it is rare for dogs to

have problems on them.

When a dog’s digestive tract is having to work harder digesting the extra carbohydrates and grains

added to lower quality foods it can create turmoil that comes out the other end and often when we

look at our pets over all diet and adjust even a little we can eliminate these embarrassing problems.

Some dogs will have an intolerance to a protein or main ingredient which can cause flatulence, so

the best first trial would be to try a hypoallergenic diet as this should eliminate all the likely culprits

at once, it would also be important to stop feeding any treats or tid-bits until they are accustomed to

the new food and then begin to reintroduce hypoallergenic treats slowly. When trying this it is

important to commit and don’t let those puppy dog eyes lull you into feeding your pup the end of

your dinner, if you want to find what his intolerance is it is important to be strict for at least 3 weeks.

Some examples of premium hypoallergenic foods and treats can be found on the links below, please

remember these are just examples of what in my experience have worked well, there are many

more options on the market if you do your research:


 James Wellbeloved 

Burns Dog Food (Sensitive specifically) 

Arden Grange Dog Food


Pet Munchies Dog Treats (choose fish for healthiest option or duck or venison for hypoallergenic option)

Wagg Sensitive Dog Treats


Please note that if you are worried about your dog at all always seek a vets help, this blog is advice

based on experience, but cannot be replaced by a trip to the vet for more worrying acute or

chronic digestive problems.