Cat Flaps – Do I Need One ?

Cat flaps are a useful tool for anyone with a cat. it’s very easy to have them installed and to train a cat to use one. There are plenty of benefits to installing one for your cat or cats:

  • Allows cat access in and out without you having to worry.
  • Keeps dirty paw prints from your windows from cat coming and going through top windows.
  • Allows you some control over access to the house.
  • Prevents stray cats gaining access.
  • More secure than opening a window
  • Prevents cold air, rain and draughts from entering.

Some of these benefits are dependent on the type of cat flap that you buy. Some are better than others.

I would very much recommend sure flap cat flaps (Cat Flap) they are by and large the best out there for several reasons, I speak from experience on this one and have a sure flap installed for my own cat. Other types of flaps are more useful if you want to allow access to a shed or outdoor space. In saying all that there are numerous types on the market and there will be a right one for you, just make sure you are aware of your flap limitations.

Sureflap Cat Flap

Some flaps open and close freely, they are very basic and generally the cheapest available and would be best used in outdoor spaces as they are not very secure, leaving your house open to access from any animals.

Next there are many that use magnets and can be locked manually these are useful, but you have less control over access. You must be available to lock or unlock it.

Then there are ones that will open only for a cat wearing a certain collar with a tag, these are great provided your cat doesn’t lose its collar.

Lastly there are ones that are programmed to open and close when you like and open only for a cat with a certain microchip that the system reads. These are the most expensive, but they work brilliantly. I recommend sure flap specifically as they have excellent customer service and a warranty, so any issues and they are great and happy to help.

Most registered glass fitters capable of installing a flap in any window and any DIY’er worth their salt could install one in a door. Just make sure to shop around as prices vary largely, but you will only have to invest once and if you have a cat or two that are going to be around for the next 18 or so years it will make life so much easier. You can find a great selection of flaps here: Cat Flaps