Female Dog in Heat

My dog is in heat what can I do? All female dogs will go in to heat usually within their first year if not spayed first and it can last up to 3 weeks. If you do not intend on breeding your dog then spraying her is recommended which can be done around 6 months […]

Dog Has Dry Skin

Dog has dry skin! This is a common complaint amongst today’s dog owners and it can be difficult to pin down the source of the problem but there are a few places you can start. First, how often do you wash and brush your dog? over or under washing can cause skin issues with any […]

Puppy Chewing Furniture

Dog/Puppy Chewing Furniture Puppy’s need to chew and will continue to do so for a least a year and often well into adulthood and if not given an outlet for this behaviour they will often take it out on your furniture and many other items you more than likely do not want to see chewed! […]

Dogs Chasing you When Cycling a Bike

Dog chasing me when cycling/running This is a tricky one and can be a scary experience for runners and cyclists. It’s very dependent on the area you’re in and the animals you are dealing with here but there are a couple of things you can try that will hopefully make things a little easier. There […]

Cats and Dog Fouling in Your Garden

Cats and dogs fouling in your garden If they are not your cats and dogs and you don’t have pets this can be rather annoying and unpleasant, especially if you are proud of your garden. There are a few options you can consider if this a problem for you. You can place chicken wire on […]

Cat Nutrition

There is more and more available for both cats and dogs these days. But where to start? Why is one food better than another? How do you know what to choose? We all want the best for our pets but with so much to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. […]

Cat Killing Birds

Not a pretty sight I know, but that is cats. If you are going to invite a cat into your home, you have to be prepared to expect a few little ‘presents’ brought home. Cats are hunters it is their instinct to hunt and it does not matter if you feed them plenty of tasty […]

Cat Flaps – Do I Need One ?

Cat flaps are a useful tool for anyone with a cat. it’s very easy to have them installed and to train a cat to use one. There are plenty of benefits to installing one for your cat or cats: Allows cat access in and out without you having to worry. Keeps dirty paw prints from […]

Can you Toilet Train Older Dogs ?

Absolutely! Many people rescue their pets and in many cases those pets are older and may never have any kind of toilet training, or maybe puppy toilet training never went well for you and you are now faced with an older dog and wondering should you give up? Older dogs may take a little longer […]

Dog Farts 4th August 2019

My Dog is Farting!!   This is a common problem in our domestic companions nowadays. There is a myriad of dry and wet food diets on the market, it can be mind melting trying to choose and often we just choose according to price, packaging or what has been recommended by a friend with no […]