Dog Training

  • - Anti Chew (Spray on items such as skirting boards, furniture and their bedding to stop them chewing)
    - Cat and Dog Repellent (Helps stop dog from urinating in certain areas)
    - Halti, Lupi and Walkrite (All stop dog pulling on lead if used properly)
    - Kong Toys (virtually indestructible toys that can be stuffed with treats or Kong Paste to keep dogs entertained)

    We have a large selection of products for training your dog.
    - Clicker training for positive reward methods when your dog has done something good.
    - Dog training discs to alert dogs to doing inappropriate behaviour without punishing them.
    - Kong's are very important in dog training - they help stop destructive behaviour by giving your dog something to do instead of being bored. They are also very strong and are nearly indestructible to big chewing dogs.
    - Anti Chew will stop dogs from chewing on items that you don't want them to chew on.

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