Dog Fleas | Ticks

  • Fleas are unpleasant for both animal and owner. The affected dog or cat may suffer from skin irritation, particularly if infestation is heavy. Some individuals become allergic to flea saliva and in these cases flea bites result in severe inflammation.

    Typically the affected area in dogs is along the back and hair loss, skin thickening and secondary infection may occur. Although dog and cat fleas do not infest man, they may cause bites resulting in irritating skin reactions.

    In cats, allergic reactions may take the form of small scabs at the site of flea bites. These in turn result in areas of hair loss and dermatitis caused by licking, and a vicious circle of infection may set in.

    Dog and cat fleas also act as an intermediate host for a species of tapeworm, so that a dog or cat which swallows a flea may also be swallowing an embryo tapeworm which will develop into a fully grown tapeworm in the gut.

    Fleas can be hard to find in the pet's coat and as explained, spend long periods away from the host animal. It is often easier to see flea faeces that spot the parasites themselves. The droppings are seen as brownish/black specks in the coat and often fall off when the animal is groomed. They can be identified when placed on moist paper or tissue by the reddish-brown "halo" that forms around them made up of the digested blood content.

    It is essential that you treat your dog regularly for dog fleas. Even though your dog may only go out into the back yard, your dog can still get fleas. Fleas can come from other dogs, other cats, small vermin, hedgehogs, badgers. Fleas spread so quickly and within a few days can be spread all over your house. Pre-Treatment of dog fleas is essential. However if your dog has already got fleas, you will need to treat your dog and all the areas your dog has been to in your house, the garden and their kennel. Washing your dog will not get rid of fleas, but anti flea shampoos can help to prevent them.

    We sell dog flea tablets and collars and also sprays to spray on your furniture and carpets to kill the fleas and their larvae.

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