Dog Food & Dog Treats

  • Dogs must have dog food to live long and healthy lives. It is not enough to feed your dog scraps all the time; they need the nutrients especially formulated for them. Our dog food range caters for all kinds of dogs including food for specific breeds. We sell famous brands of dog foods such as Royal Canin, James Wellbelloved, IAMS, Eukanaba and Clinivet.

    Reward your dog with our dog treats and dog chews. Select from the range of vitamin dog drops to rawhide chews, pig's ears, bravo bones and knuckle bones. Dog treats should not make your dog fat unless they are given to them in excess. Give treats to your dog only for good behaviour.

    But on their birthday, this tasty dog-edible birthday cake is the perfect crunchy treat to celebrate. Made from complimentary ingredients your dog with love and really make their day.

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