Cat Flaps

  • We have cat flaps for all kinds of cats from little ones to big ones. We have a selection of magnetic cat flaps which can stop unwanted wanderers getting into your house by attaching a magnet to your cats collar - which lets him/her in.

    Our 2 and 4 way locking cat flaps can be programmed to only let you cat out or in - especially great for late at night and your cat is out, but you want its next visit home to be the last adventure of the night.

    We have a couple of cat flaps that can be put in your patio door. We do not recommend fitting cat flaps in your patio door without a professional doing it. Last thing you need is to break the glass or have the hole too big to put your flap in. If you are colour conscious, most of our cat flaps come in a range of colours to suit your taste.

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